Here’s the art wall that I put together last night U///U

Its a collection of all the fanart I’ve received and could find on my blog

I’ve probably missed some because I’m terrible when it comes to tagging things, but this is what I could fit ;w; <3

Its the least I can do to thank you guys for how nice you are to me.

((IF you see your art and aren’t comfortable with it being up on my wall, just ask and I’ll take it down U////v////U))

August 15th 2013   17 notes  
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    Oh, dang, I’m hella flattered, I see mine up there. Rock on, Ride! Thanks a bunch!
  2. rileyomalley said: I AM HAPPY TO BE PART OF THIS ART WAAAAAAAAAALLL aaaaaaalshdasdahd ;u;
  3. toii-wanderer said: ;v; I see the chibi I drew you. EEEE <3
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    (blabbers) ahh this is very kind of you!! i can’t remember if i drew more art for you but i’ll make sure to do so in the...
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